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Stream, River & Stillwater Restoration & Improvement

Matthew Burkett leads Angling Aquatics a fisheries management and interactive design/build stream improvement companywhich takes a river from preliminary evaluation to monitoring and maintenance. A design/build approach ensures a successful, efficient and cost effective project is completed by experienced professionals specialized in enhancement projects with an eye for the angler. We also provide consulting services acting as owner reps and developing fishing-opportunities reports for property marketing and sales. Typical design/build projects follow a 10-step procedure as outlined below. Contact Us for more information.

  1. Fish the property
  2. Define the project goals
  3. Initial evaluation and identification of existing conditions
  4. Develop concept plan and preliminary cost estimate
  5. Review plans and costs with client to develop final plans
  6. Final analysis, engineering and ecological review
  7. Prepare Final Design-Build Plans and Construction Cost-Estimate
  8. Obtain permits and permissions
  9. Construction phases
  10. Monitoring and Maintenance
Fly Fishing in Improved Stream
Fly Fishing in Improved Stream

Restored Section of South Boulder Creek - Lincoln Hills
Restored Section of South Boulder Creek - Lincoln Hills