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The Process

Following preliminary evaluation the project progresses as follows:

  1. Develop design specs and engineering requirements
  2. Apply for applicable permits
    • Army Corp of Engineers Nationwide 404 Permit
    • County Grading Permit
    • State Health Department Permit (if required by the amount of grading)
    • State Wildlife and Fisheries Management Permit or Letter of Approval
    • Any other permit, approval or notification as required
      • Denver Water Department
      • Senior Water Right Holders on the Drainage
  3. Bank Grading
  4. Stream Construction (based on water levels—should be less than 20% of the average flow)
  5. Landscaping and re-vegetation
  6. Construction Review and Punch List
  7. Monitoring/maintenance for the remainder of the open permit timeframe
  8. Submit As Built Drawings to the Army Corp of Engineers
  9. Ongoing Fishery Management
Plucking rocks from propery during river restoration
Plucking Rocks from Propery

Placing rocks in river during river restoration
Placing Rocks in River