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Project Lifecycle - The Timeline

Lifecycle requirements are unique to each project, general timing follows:

  1. Design specs | engineering requirements
    • 4-8 months depending on the jurisdiction and requirements
  2. Apply for applicable permits
    • 4-6 months depending on the jurisdiction
  3. Bank Grading and Stream Construction
    • 1 week per 1000 liner feet of river or 10 acres of grading
  4. Landscaping and re-vegetation
    • 1 week per 10 acres
  5. Construction Review and Punch List
    • 1 week
  6. Monitoring/maintenance for the remainder of the open permit timeframe
    • 1-2 years
  7. Submit As Built Drawings to the Army Corp of Engineers
    • 1 week
  8. Ongoing stocking and fishery management
    • Ongoing depending on the desired results
    • Recommended 5 year minimum to enhance the natural reproduction cycles
Better holding water for better fish
Better Holding Water = Better Fish

More structure for bigger fish on dry flies
More Structure = Bigger Fish on Dry Flies